Rhiannon Walsh – ‘November’

Arkbound is very proud to introduce you to the work of the aspiring writer Rhiannon Walsh! Rhiannon has been working on her writing with experienced mentor Madeleine Mankey for the past six months and offered us the fabulous first chapter of her novel to share with you all: Chapter 1 ‘November’ It was a bitterly […]

N.C. Campbell – ‘Call of the Void’

The Arkbound Foundation and the Bridging Literary Divides team are delighted to share another extract from N.C. Campbell’s novel Call of the Void. Jasami Publishing announced that the novel will be out in October 2022. Natalie has been mentored by Michèle Smith, the managing director of Jasami. Call of the Void will be be assembling […]

Kristina Stevens – ‘Outsider Complex’

Our foundation is extremely excited to introduce you to the incredible work of our inaugural writer from our Bridging Literary Divides mentoring program: Kristina Stevens! As part of the Scottish mentoring programme, Kristina has been mentored by accomplished editor Jim Dempsey, who together have worked on her novel ‘Outsider Complex’. The novel is a cathartic […]